Al Attar History

In some eastern languages, the word “attar” means perfumer, a person who produces and sells perfumes. One of the founders of Al Attar Perfume is Saif Abdullah Al Attar, who made fragrant oils and fragrances already in the 1930s.

Everything started in 1936 when he created his brand, “Al Attar Perfume.” In 1940, he opened his first store called “Al Attar Fragrance and Oil Store.” In 1971, after the independence of the United Arab Emirates, the brand was officially registered.

In 2018, Muhammad AL Attar, three generations after founding the Al Attar brand, founded Al Attar Perfume Armenia in cooperation with the Jamharian family. Together, they created the first Armenian perfume, “Jamharian Collection,” a collection of nine assortments of quality selective fragrances.